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Extrucolor Policy

EXTRUCOLOR’s senior management sets forth this Declaration of General Policies on Quality, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility and undertakes to disseminate it, enforce it and monitor its compliance throughout the company and, as applicable, among its stakeholders.

As a fundamental goal, all elements of the company are committed to and involved in providing a service that is in line with customers’ needs, while preventing pollution and protecting the environment. The guidelines to meet that goal are the following:

  • To offer our customers extruded and anodised products of the highest quality within the agreed deadlines, ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to each of the areas applicable to our sector.
  • To be a benchmark for establishing quality and environmental goals and a commitment to continuous improvement for the improvement of environmental performance and the reduction of environmental impacts.
  • To respond to all complaints raised by any stakeholder by acting appropriately to ensure that they do not recur.
  • To constantly increase the productivity of our facilities and people by continuously improving the Quality, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility System.
  • To maintain our working procedures in accordance with internationally recognised standards of Quality, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Management.
  • To constantly improve our facilities and equipment to optimise production processes and continuously improve the quality of our products.
  • To create a working environment among employees that encourages commitment to quality, providing the training and resources that workers need to adapt to changes in processes that may arise because of continuous system improvement.
  • Extrucolor’s existing code of ethics is the basis for all social and employment relationships within our business environment. We are committed to promoting all aspects of the Code of Conduct developed and to ensuring compliance by all members of the Company.
  • To create and maintain a healthy work environment, avoiding unnecessary work risks and assessing and preventing the occurrence of other unavoidable risks.
  • To promote equal opportunities, not allowing discrimination for any reason or condition (race, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family responsibilities, union membership, political opinion, or age).
  • To manage our performance ethically, respecting human and labour rights such as preventing and eliminating child labour, freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • To select the right suppliers and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with them to achieve greater value.





Francisco Martinez Segura

Section 29-01-19 A


29-01-19. Document creation and entry into force.

From its beginnings, EXTRUCOLOR’s integrity, honesty, fair treatment, and compliance with legislation have established a benchmark in the development of business practices. At the Company, all workers have fulfilled this commitment.

This code of conduct sets out corporate principles that ensure its implementation at all levels of the Company.

The code is a way of providing a framework for employment relationships with the workers, and it is not final, but allows all workers to raise any doubts about a particular situation or conflict.


EXTRUCOLOR and all its employees are governed by the law, and compliance with it must never be compromised.

All workers must adhere to established standards and internal regulations as applicable in any situation.


There is no involuntary, forced, or prison labour within the Company.

The Company will not in any case request custody and “deposit” of identity documents, and employees will be free to leave their employment with a reasonable period of prior notice.


All workers have the right to join or build unions of their choice, as well as the right to collective bargaining.

The Company respects the activities of trade unions and their activities.

Similarly, workers’ representatives will not suffer discrimination and may carry out their representative functions in the workplace.

If the law is restrictive as to the right to free association and collective bargaining, the development of other parallel means for free and independent association and negotiation is facilitated and not hindered by the Management.


The Company provides a safe and hygienic working environment, considering the industry’s expertise, as well as any hazards produced at the workplace. All necessary measures are taken to prevent accidents and damage to health arising from work, as a consequence of it or during work, through daily work and follow-up for the reduction, to a reasonable extent, of the causes of hazards present in the working environment.

Regular and written training is conducted on health and safety issues. For workers who are new or have a new job, this will be done in the same way.

Clean toilets and clean drinking water and adequate sanitary facilities for food storage have been provided and made available to workers.

A Health and Safety Officer has been appointed within the Company, with the responsibility to meet all the workers’ needs.


The Company is completely prohibited from hiring child labour.

No one under the age of 18 will be hired for night work or under hazardous conditions.

The Company complies with the provisions of the International Labour Organisation.


For all our workers, wages are paid monthly to comply with the relevant national and industry legal regulations that set the highest wages and benefits. In any case, the wages are sufficient to meet the basic needs of our workers and have some extra income.

Upon being hired, all workers are provided with a WELCOME MANUAL on their working conditions concerning salary, before acceptance of the position, with details on their subsequent wages during the payment periods in question, at the time of receiving each payment.

In no event will the company make deductions from wages, as a disciplinary measure, nor will any deduction be made that is not provided for by national legislation and without the express consent of the worker. In any event, any action will be expressed in writing.


The working hours have been calculated under national legislation, the collective agreement and the information given below.

Working hours, excluding overtime, are defined in the employment contract and will not exceed 48 hours per week.

Overtime is voluntary and must be responsibly performed by the worker, considering the following: the scope, frequency of performance and hours performed by the worker alone, and by the workforce. They should not replace a regular job. Overtime will be compensated at a premium, as opposed to working hours, which is recommended to be not less than 125% of the usual wage.

The total number of hours worked during a work week must not exceed 60 hours, except in some cases, as indicated:

60 working hours may only be exceeded within seven days in exceptional circumstances:

  • National legislation allows it.
  • When negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement by a union that represents a significant part of the company.
  • Responding appropriately to safeguard the health and safety of workers.
  • If the Management can demonstrate the occurrence of exceptional circumstances, such as unexpected production peaks, accidents, or emergencies.

All workers will have one day off every seven days, or, if permitted by law, two days off for

every fourteen days.

In no case does the Company discriminate in hiring, providing compensation, training, promotions, dismissal, or retirement due to race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or union or political affiliation.


The work conducted by all the workers of the Company is carried out under national law and regulations.

The obligations of the company towards employees, following labour laws and regulations or the social security system, will not be circumvented using employment-only contracts, sub-contracts or domestic employment contracts, or through internships where there is no intention of providing the worker with skills or providing them with a regular job, and in no case will there exist the abuse of several fixed-term contracts.


EXTRUCOLOR respects the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each employee and is committed to maintaining a workplace where there are no situations of discrimination or harassment.

Physical abuse or punishment, the threat of physical abuse or sexual or other harassment, as well as verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation are prohibited within the Company.

Employees who feel that their work environment does not comply with the principles mentioned above may raise their concerns with the Human Resource Manager.


Extrucolor values and protects confidential information and respects the confidential information of third parties.

Unless required by law or authorised by the Management, employees must not disclose or allow the disclosure of confidential information. This obligation remains once the employment relationship has expired. In addition, employees must make their best efforts to prevent the unintentional disclosure of information by taking exceptional care when storing or transmitting confidential information.

Furthermore, all communications made at Extrucolor with workers will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to other workers or staff of the Company.

A suggestion box and a complaint box have been placed at the entrance of the offices, where the bulletin board is located, so the workers may address their messages to the Company. The processing of all this information is completely confidential, as are these messages from workers.


Extrucolor has developed, implemented, and certified an environmental management system in the Company. For this reason, it is mandatory to comply with certain regulations regarding environmental management and treatment:

  • Properly identified waste containers have been placed in the factory for depositing all the waste generated by work.
  • If any waste is observed for which no container is available, it is necessary to notify Extrucolor’s Environmental Manager to identify its treatment and management.
  • If you detect waste outside of its correct location, notify the Environmental Manager for proper placement and management.
  • In the event of a spill, contain it with absorbent material and once contained, treat it as hazardous waste, with an authorised manager.
  • In the use of chemicals, safety sheets are available to know how to act in the event of an environmental emergency or in terms of safety.


  • Do not leave any faucets open.
  • Turn off any equipment or machinery that you are not using.
  • Use paper on both sides and print only as much documentation as is necessary.
  • If you are the last worker to leave the premises, check that all lights, computers, and machinery are switched off as required.
  • Use the necessary raw materials and chemicals, in the quantities defined and determined for each process.


  • Do not throw waste outside storage locations.
  • Take the necessary safety measures to prevent accidents (fires, spills, unnecessary waste generation) that may affect people, the environment, or product quality.
  • Compliance with the defined safety and work measures, according to which the process is controlled, and no environmental incidents or deviations must occur.


All workers at Extrucolor must comply with the regulations and legislation regarding the prevention of occupational risks:

  • Based on their capabilities and by complying with the prevention measures adopted in each case by Extrucolor, each worker is responsible for ensuring their health and safety at work and those of other persons whose professional activity may be affected due to their actions and omissions at work, following their training and the Company’s instructions.
  • Workers, in accordance with their training and following the Management’s instructions, must specifically:

o Make proper use of machinery, equipment, tools, hazardous substances, transport equipment and, in general,

any other means by which they carry out their activity, by their nature and foreseeable risks.

o Make proper use of the protective equipment and resources provided

by the Company, following the instructions received from it.

o Not put out of operation and make correct use of the existing safety devices or those installed in the tools related to their activity or in the workplaces where it takes place.

o Immediately inform their immediate superior, and the workers designated to conduct protection and prevention activities or, where appropriate, the prevention department, of any situation that involves, on reasonable grounds, a risk to workers’ health and safety.

o Contribute to fulfilling the obligations established by the competent authority to protect workers’ health and safety.

o Cooperate with the Company so that it may guarantee working conditions that are safe and do not pose risks to workers’ health and safety.

Non-compliance by workers with the risk prevention obligations referred to in the preceding paragraphs will be regarded as non-compliance at work for Article 58.1 of the Spanish Workers’ Statute or, in the absence thereof and as applicable, under the provisions of the corresponding regulations on the disciplinary regime for public officials or statutory staff serving public Administrations.


Qualanod Architecture

Industrial Qualanod

Decorative Qualanod

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- Sealing
- Control distance

Extrucolor está comprometida con el impacto medioambiental por eso contamos con la Huella de Carbono que nos certifica como una empresa comprometida con el medio ambiente y certificada con la ISO 14064, incluyendo el alcance 3.

El impacto ambiental se cuantifica llevando a cabo un inventario de emisiones de GEI (Gases de Efecto Invernadero) siguiendo normativas internacionales, tales como ISO 14064-1, PAS 2050 o GHG Protocol, entre otras nacionales.
El Registro, creado por el Real Decreto 163/2014, de 14 de marzo, nace con la vocación de fomentar el cálculo y reducción de la Huella de Carbono por parte de las organizaciones españolas.



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